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Adena as the One Precious Thing in Lineage II

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Want to Know More About Lineage Ii

In 1998, Lineage was released by NCsoft in South Korea. The video game was set to a medieval fantasy background and bore a genre of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMROPG). The video game is widely popular in South Korea, with its subscribers numbering to millions, but the title has also spread to other countries around the world with the many language versions it is presented in (English, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese). In 2003, Lineage II was released. The title may have been released as the next installment in the franchise, but it was actually a prequel, with its story set some 150 years before the start of the one in the first title. The prequel was well-received although critics somewhat deemed that the title was a little too difficult for the casual gamers out there to play.

More About Lineage II

As is the case with other MMORPGs, Lineage II also employs in-game currency. This virtual money can be used to buy gears and other stuff for the players to improve their characters. Known as lineage 2 adena, the gold can be used for purchasing items any players need by buying them from NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) or fellow players. To obtain adena, a player must complete challenges held within the game or by killing monsters. As such, a player must engage in the game frequently and constantly lest they miss the chance to earn the gold for their specific purpose. It is a method rather unique to the MMORPGs, indeed. However, it is also the reason why the game was deemed quite hard to follow as the quests or challenges do have their time limit, after which there would not be any means for the players to obtain more adena, which means they lose their opportunity to upgrade their characters. So, is there any other way to obtain adena?

Well, lineage 2 adena can be purchased from a third-party provider. A player can go to that provider, present their game ID, and purchase adena for a certain amount of money. Is this a type of cheating? One can consider it being so but what’s clear here is that this video game obviously falls under the category of pay-to-win. Whoever has got the money can easily upgrade and improve their in-game characters while those who don’t have enough must do it all the conventional, regular way. The video game’s developer has applied some ways to ban those who have been discovered to have bought their adena through illegal means, meaning the providers those players were working with were not authorized. This, however, doesn’t mean that purchasing adena from a third-party provider is not a legitimate way to obtain the currency. There are sources that are acknowledged by the developer as being a legal way of obtaining adena. You can just click on the link to bring yourself to the website’s homepage and navigate through its menus in order to obtain the precious adena that you’ve been looking for. One of such sources is