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Discover the Halo Strategy Guide for Favorite Halo Game

Extend the pleasure in your gameplay with a point by point Halo Xbox walkthrough for every one of the diversions in this mainstream arrangement.

Every Halo diversion aide is inconceivably enlightening as well as is delightfully made and thought to be authority’s things.

This top-selling science fiction video game focuses around an inter-galactic war between a futuristic human race against a religious alien force known as the Covenant. This allied alien Covenant worshiped an ancient civilization called the Forefunners who apparently were wiped out by parasitic creatures known as the Flood. The term “Halo” refers to gigantic ring-like structures which were designed by the ancient civilizations to destroy the continued infestation from the Flood.

The entire Halo series is considered to be one of the best first-person shooter games of all time and is the crown jewel of the Xbox console. Every other similar game created thereafter has been held to the standard of this game when any comparisons were made. As their fame continues so do new additions to the franchise. With each new introduction, the amount of weapons, characters, levels, abilities, codes, cheats and “Easter eggs” have increased as well. This is where official strategy guides become a gamers’ best friend.

The very first of this series began with the classic Halo Combat Evolved. You are cybernetically enhanced soldier, known as a Spartan, named Master Chief who is accompanied by an artificial intelligence Cortana. Throughout your campaign you will battle numerous Covenant alien races both in military vehicles and on foot as you attempt to discover the secrets of the habitable ring-shaped planet known as Halo.

This Halo CE strategy guide includes the following:

* Complete single-player walkthrough so you can survive Legendary difficulty

* Analysis of every weapon, vehicle, and enemy in the game

* Powerful strategies from hardcore Halo veterans around the world

* Exclusive Halo Story Bible excerpts that have never been published anywhere

* Tips and level design notes from the Bungie and Gearbox development teams

* Detailed maps of every single multiplayer level

* Essential tactics for dominating every multiplayer map and game mode

* Full compilation of Halo Easter eggs

Next in the line-up is Halo 2 which filled in any plot holes and game elements that may have been left out of the first game. An example of this was the introduction of the multiplayer matchmaking option that could be accessed by gamers via Xbox Live through an internet connection. This brought the experience of the game to a whole new level as now players had to pit their skills against other live players from around the world instead of artificial pre-programmed characters.

This Halo 2 strategy guide includes the following:

* Detailed annotated maps: outwit multiplayer opponents with your intimate knowledge of level architecture

* Study all features of multiplayer maps, from power-up locations to “secret” areas, attack routes, and more

* Includes an exhaustive rundown of preset and custom game types-design your own multiplayer match and attract the best crowd

* Features hundreds of digital screenshots to illustrate key points

* Packed with tips, tactics, and techniques from the Bungie team

* Learn about every adversary, vehicle, and weapon-their strengths and shortcomings and how you can exploit these

* Confidently negotiate the huge Campaign mode with our exclusive maps and step-by-step walkthrough

* Designed to enhance the Halo 2 experience for newcomers and Halo: Combat Evolved veterans alike

The continuation of this into a trilogy can be seen in the sequel Halo 3 where the story focuses on the interstellar war between humans, led by the UNSC (United Nations Space Command), and the collection of aliens known as the Covenant. As the player you are once again in control of the Spartan known as Master Chief will defend humanity against the devastation brought on by the alien forces. Newer gameplay additions can be seen in this edition which was not available in the previous versions. Besides the different vehicles and weapons there was the inclusion of file sharing, saving of games and editing custom maps via the Forge option. This cool new function allowed the player to create their own maps which could be played live in multiplayer matches as well.

This Halo 3 strategy guide includes the following:

* Detailed annotated maps for all levels

* Learn how to dominate multiplayer matches with information on weapon locations and expert tips

* Learn about every enemy, vehicle and weapon – their strengths and weaknesses and how you can exploit them

* Confidently navigate the huge Campaign mode with our exclusive maps and step-by-step walkthrough

* Complete list of all Achievements and how to unlock each one

* Packed with tips, tactics and techniques direct from Bungie

The first RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game in the history of this game series was introduced as Halo Wars by Ensemble Studios. The storyline was set about 20 years before the events which happened in Halo 1. As the player you are required to lead squads of UNSC soldiers located onboard the carrier ship Spirit of Fire in an effort to bring to an end the effort of the Covenant to successfully access a fleet of powerful ancient warships from a race called the Forerunners which could end the survival of the human species.

This Halo Wars strategy guide includes the following:

* Lift the Fog of War with exclusive, full-color maps of all the Campaign and Multiplayer locations. With all choke points, each ambush location, and every supply crate, base point, and other pertinent location revealed

* Comprehensive, multi-layered tactics for the Campaign mode, including battle-tested plans for Cooperative play, and the fabled Legendary difficulty setting

* Create an impenetrable base we show you how to correctly turn a poorly-defended Firebase into a Fortress, including what to build, and when

* Every single UNSC and Covenant troop, unit, vehicle, and aircraft is showcased, along with its upgrades, weaknesses, and advice on using it to your tactical advantage

* Every hidden Skull and Black Box located and tested, including a complete Halo timeline

* Packed with dozens of pages of the most awe-inspiring exclusive Halo art ever seen

Players assume the roles of a group of elite human super soldiers known as the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) which take place between the events of Halo 2 and 3. In addition to the regular campaign mode where the group of ODST are exploring the devastated city of New Mombasa to try and find out what happened to their missing brothers-in-arms during the alien invasion, there is the introduction of a new multiplayer option called Firefight. This allows the player to fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies and try to survive as long as possible before the rounds are over.

This Halo ODST strategy guide includes the following:

* Move Out Soldier – Complete coverage of the single player missions. With labelled maps for New Mombasa and tactics included for the Legendary level of difficulty

* Team Up – Intense Co-Op strategy to ensure you and your squad-mates survive. With input from the actual developers and testers to give you the inside track

* Clan Wisdom – All Halo 3 multiplayer maps with breakdowns and tips from some of the best clan players out there

* Rise Through the Ranks – Detailed info on every Achievement from Halo ODST and Halo 3. More than a list, instructions and tips for everyone

The newest addition is Halo Reach where you are a Spartan named Noble Six who is a member of an elite super-soldier squad known as Noble Team. The setting takes place on the human world Reach where the Covenant forces are unleashing a full-scale assault to decimate the planet. Noble Team and the UNSC attempt their heroic yet futile effort to thwart the invading army but still set-off a series of events which allow humans to ultimately survive and prevent the Covenant from destroying their home world of Earth. This particular guide comes in both a regular Signature Series and a collectible Legendary Edition which gives you the choice of 6 different covers, one for each member of Noble Team.

This Halo Reach strategy guide includes the following:

* A step-by-step walkthrough of the entire game

* Detailed maps pinpointing key locations of each area in Forge World, giving you a closer look into the life of the Noble 6 super soldiers

* Exclusive maps found only in the official guide show you the locations of enemy engagements, weapon caches for the campaign and more

* Existing weapons from the Halo series have been fully updated and there are brand new weapons to help you fulfill combat roles

* Official artwork enhances every page, designed for beauty and easy-of-use.